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Tire Cleaner And Shine, Car Interior Foam Spray, Washing Machine Descale Spray, Washbasin Collapsible Foam Spray, And Multipurpose Foam Spray.
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Expect more from us than just Home Care and Car Care Products.

At Omega Remedies, we understand that a healthy home is the foundation for a healthy life. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the best home care and care products available. Omega Remedies products are made from only the highest quality ingredients, making them safe and effective for use in your home.

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Home Care & Care Care Products

Omega Remedies products are designed to be easy to use, safe for the environment, and highly effective in removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your home.

Latest Product

Washing Machine Descale Spray

The spray helps to break down the deposits and can help to improve the performance of your washing machine.
C7 De Scaling Foam Spray
Tyre Cleaner Come Polish
Typically used to protect the tyres from UV damage and to give them a glossy finish.
Car Interior Foam Spray
Restore the original look and feel of car interiors.

Auto Guard Rat Repellent

Our rat repellent is a natural and powerful solution to your rat problem.
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